Ben Farnell

Wildlife and Bird artist

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Welcome to the website of bird and wildlife artist Ben Farnell.


I paint and draw birds to reflect their nature, to capture them in paint as I see them in life. Small, fleeting, alert, poised in the moment before they fly away.


Oil paints are my preferred medium for expressing my passion for birds. The are perfect for interpreting the feeling of movement and the vibrancy of colours.



Nothing could be simpler than a black line on white paper. Pen & ink has been a defining feature of my illustration work, so it is only natural for me to create vivid drawings in this media.


Part of me would love to send my art off out into the world to be enjoyed. Another part of couldn't bare to be parted with something I have put my heart and soul into. Selling prints is a reasonable compromise. My prints are high quality Giclée prints on cotton rag paper, proffessionally printed by River Studios in Hamble. The quality is second to none, so what you will get will be as good as the real thing.

Lino Cuts

I like the simplicity of lino cuts. It's a very basic way of printing, that can be done with the minimum of equipment. Visit my Etsy store to buy.

I have been drawing and painting, professionally and personally, all my life. I have a degree in illustration and my work has featured in magazines, newspapers, adverts and exhibitions.